Personal Development

Acting for Life

(5 Sessions, $100)
Duration: 2 hours
Schedule: TBD, Weekly
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The Acting For Life class assists students in learning trust and how to openly and honestly communicate with other people in a safe, relaxed and synergistic environment.  Whether you are preparing for an audition, wanting to be more comfortable speaking to other people or in public, knowing how to apply these skills are essential for effective communication. The class incorporates a little bit of acting, improvisation, and a whole lot of love to make this class beneficial to all types of people.

This course is not offered as a drop in class.

Write Mindfulness

(4 Sessions, $80)
Duration: 2 hours
Schedule: Not Currently Scheduled

A Course in Self-Healing – Seek an end to chaos and find hope and peace of mind.  Discover your true passion in life and reveal your rightful path.  Would you like to learn how to use the simple act of writing to cope with crisis, heal the body and mind and discover your inner purpose and your life’s passion?  Medical studies have revealed that merely writing about struggles and fears can heal people both physically and emotionally.

This course is not offered as a drop in class.

Private Coaching – $25/hour

Duration: 1 hour
Subject Matter: Acting or Writing
Schedule: Available for Scheduling

 As we are still fledgling, our courses are offered according to demand.

To enroll in a course or class that currently exhibits a scheduled time, please visit our Products and Services Page.  

To request a course be scheduled for an offering please email our Creative Director, Gina
at or call, 303-642-5886.

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